Breakdown Reel 2017 (download PDF here)

00:06 - Sky replacement (blue sky instead of dull/grey), storm clouds and lightning flashes/strikes added (2D).
00:26 - White sigil 2D tracked to hand with force distortion wave (2D).
00:28 - Teleportation effect, blipping out and in.
00:30 - 2D finger tendrils and spherical sigil ball added to hand with force distortion wave.
00:33 - FX CG added to sword.
00:37 - Nuke 3D particles. 2D faked tinted glass and finger added in foreground.
00:42 - Split screen with 2D distortion during reveal.
00:40 - 2D electric wand effect with added FX smoke and particles.
00:49 - Placed matte painting into shot and added reflection with distortion ripple.
00:53 - Distortion and dissipation with lingering 2D blue smoke element.
00:57 - 2D Under skin, blue burning effect tracked onto hand with blue flame.element added.
00:59 - 2.5D fireball with 2D under skin burning effect on man's hand.
01:00 - 2.5D fireball with 2D faked rippling of BG bush.
01:03 - 2D designed large stitches tracked to wrists.
01:08 - Green screen key.
01:19. - 2D distortion wave. 3D moths added over man, Light interaction through moths from window faked in 2D.
01:21 - 2D breath mist effect with smiley face and drips tracked to mirror.
01:32 - Deep, oozing wound 2D tracked to neck.
01:37 - 2D element fire and falling sparks tracked to shot.
01:41 - Large 2D jaw wound tracked onto the zombie’s screen right cheek. Blood added to top of sweater, neck, screen right jacket at neck and cheek, and blood added to the zombie’s chin. Spec added to makeup blood to make it look newer and wetter. 
01:46 - Street lights painted out. Background cars driving painted out. Matte painting of destroyed buildings tracked in. Fire and smoke added to closer buildings.