Breakdown Reel 2018 (download PDF here)

00:06 – 2D particle effect projected onto geo for helmet in layers to give depth. Added reflections and interactive light.

00:29 – 2D glitch effect between red and blue particle effect, projected onto geo with practical reflection added back on top and interactive lighting.

00:32 - Sky replacement (blue sky instead of dull/grey), storm clouds and lightning flashes/strikes added (2D).

00:45 - FX CG added to sword.

00:50 - Nuke 3D particles. 2D faked tinted glass and finger added in foreground.

00:53 - 2D electric wand effect with added FX smoke and particles.

00:58 – Sky replacement using provided matte painting. Added reflection in water with distortion ripples and 2D flying bugs.

01:02 - 2.5D fireball with 2D under skin burning effect tracked onto man's hand.

01:03 – Continuation of 2.5D fireball with 2D distortion rippling of BG bush and interactive lighting on wood and bush.

01:05 – 2D stitching and blood 2D tracked onto wrists.

01:10 - Green screen key.

01:19. - 2D breath mist effect with smiley face and drips tracked to mirror.

01:29 – 2D animated bloody knives hitting a procedural 2D shield effect projected onto an elongated sphere. Bloody footprints and blood drops projected onto floor with animated spec hits.

1:42 – Nuke 3D particle effect to light up centre. Split shot using plates with device with light on and light off. 3D gears added to device. 2D distortion wave effect, god rays, and glow added.

01:49 - Large 2D jaw wound 2D tracked onto the zombie’s screen right cheek. Blood added to top of sweater, neck, inside screen right jacket, and blood added to the zombie’s chin. Spec added to practical blood to make it look fresher and wetter. 

01:55 - Street lights painted out. Background cars driving painted out. Provided matte painting of destroyed buildings tracked in. Fire and smoke added to buildings.

02:01 – 2D particle effect projected onto geo for helmet. Added reflection of forest and boy onto face-plate geo with honeycomb pattern affected by particle light.