Breakdown Reel 2016 (download PDF here)

00:04 – Track, cables, and cameras on cars painted out.
00:06 – Cast smoothed and stabilized to suggest hardness (was too soft and pliable).
00:13 – Ludacris (screen left) moved right, closer to car. Fire and smoke added to BG.
00:14 – Frame by frame paint to fix artifacts in retime.
00:17 – Steam added with smiley face and drips appearing.
00:25 – FG man stabilized, moths and shadows added to BG.
00:32 – Glowing ball tracked and added inside hand. Fire, smoke, darkening wood and interactive lighting added, ending in white out.
00:47 – Filament light painted out and reintroduced with Tesla style arcs between points and growing filament light ending in white out.
00:53 – Smoke added drifting behind actor and blue traveling arcs glowing under skin.
00:56 – Underwear painted out and darkened areas for both actors as well as pasties painted out for female actor.
01:03 – Original nail painted out and 2D animated to push down slowly.
01:06 – CG nail comped in.
01:09 – CG nail comped in.
01:11 – CG nail comped in with splintering done in 2D.
01:14 – Green screen key and faking light exiting door (fighting shadow/darker exit).
01:17 – Green screen keying.
01:21 – Glowing hand and glowing ball tracked to hand.
01:24 – Matte painting of vines, blood and darkened veins projected onto moving geo.
01:28 – Sigil added to man’s hand. Paint out of wires for the man flying backwards and ripple effect added.
01:30 – Blood added to simulate all three having their throats slashed.
01:31 – Blood trail added to nose.
01:32 – Hand markers painted out. Paint for section behind hands tracked in. Matte painting of stumps added to arms. Blood spurts and drips added. 3D hands comped in for hands falling.
01:33 – Gunshot added and tracked to eye with spurting blood at the back hitting the car and license plate.
01:36 – Blood added to the zombie’s chin and spec added overall to make blood look wetter and newer.
01:38 – Wounds and pale eyes added to some zombies and bullet hits on fence.
01:39 – Wound added to cheek of main zombie and bullet hits on fence.
01:40 – 2D eye closing and gunshot wound to cheek added to screen right zombie and overall bullet hits on fence.
01:41 – Bullet hits on fence and fence pole broken (screen right) in 2D.
01:43 – Fence pole broken to match previous shot, bullet hits on fence, and gunshot hit added to first charging zombie.
01:45 – Street lights painted out. Background cars driving painted out. Matte painting of destroyed buildings tracked in. Fire and smoke added to closer buildings.
01:51 – Large 2D jaw wound tracked onto the zombie’s screen right cheek. Blood added to top of sweater, neck, screen right jacket at neck and cheek, and blood added to the zombie’s chin. Spec added to makeup blood to make it look newer and wetter.